Clear and easy flight logging for general aviation pilots

Enter flights as easy as snapping your fingers. View your logbook in beautiful and familiar formats designed for screens of any size.

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Keeping it simple

What is Flightsnap

Flightsnap is a logbook. No bells and whistles. We’ve taken the familiar paper logbook format and digitised it for desktop. For mobile we fully redesigned the logbook to make it work just as well on smaller screens. Most of our time went into designing the flight entry form, we believe this is key to a good digital logbook. We designed it to be fast, intuitive and to include everything you need.

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Unlike any other logbook

Find out what's unique about Flightsnap

  1. snapping fingers Making logging a piece of cake
  2. target Created specific for general aviation pilots
  3. design Beautifully designed interfaces
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Easy logging

Snappy flight entry at your fingertips

Our flight entry form is heavily tested by pilots and researchers from all over the world. More than 3 years of feedback have been gathered to come to the most optimal and speedy flight entry. Try it yourself and let us know what you think!

Strong GA focus

Specifically designed for general aviation pilots

An airline pilot has different logbook requirements than a private pilot. Flightsnap targets general aviation pilots specifcally. By dodging features aimed at airline pilots, the interface is kept simple and gives you all you need for managing your Cessna flights.

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Flightsnap app on mobile

Clear interface

Beautiful and familiar layouts on any device

We know you love your paper logbook, and that’s exactly what layout we give you, EASA, FAA, you name it. However, we fully realise this doesn’t work for mobile devices. On smaller devices we give you an interface that works best with the pixels you have available.

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Free logbook

Flightsnap pricing

Start for free with our complete alternative for your paper logbook. In the coming months, subscriptions will become available with additional time-saving features which will make you love Flightsnap logbook even more.

Flightsnap for business

Booking and fleet management software

Flightsnap offers custom development services for flight booking and fleet management software. The focus is always to save you time and optimise your processes. Over the past years we have successfully provided software to multiple operators. Get in touch and lets talk about your business.

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